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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Belhavenhill ASDA assignment

Saturday 22nd April 2006
A new asda with drive-thru macdonalds ,car park , and bar is being built just off the spott roundabout. there are many different opinions on this. i have mixed feeling personally, living closeby as he light will be seen for miles and the roads may start to get clogged up i am worried that i will see the hideous building from our garden. but of course the asda will be useful to me anyway. i will look forward to having a supermarket nearby with a decent stock as... let's face it somerfields is a little rubbish. Now that the planning permiassion has gone through the new building will be built and commotion is going to start stirring. At school we have been given an assignment to interview some people and videotape some different accounts of the new Asda. we must interview the locals and then write two essays and an article on our infromation. we must also create this web page. i will be updating this blog throughout the project

Asda is to create more than 300 jobs now that the asda is to go through with the building.this £20m project will involve building A hotel, family bar and restaurant, drive-through restaurant, petrol filling station and tourist information centre. The developers hope the supermarket will be up and running by next summer.

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